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Tideline Startup Challenge

Why innovate for/with Coastal Cities and Ports?

Welcome to the Tideline Startup Challenge, where Collaboration is Key.
This Challenge is designed to bring Startups together with Cities and Stakeholders and address Critical Coastal Cities and Ports Challenges.

By collaborating with other Participants, you will have the opportunity to provide Solutions to real, pressing Challenges related to Sea Level Rise, Global Warming, Air Pollution, Water Quality, Tourism Impact, Energy Management, Sustainable Mobility, Port and Shipping Transition, Fishing, Biodiversity, Waste Management, Urban Planning, Public Health, and more.

Join us at the Waves of Change Forum in Biarritz from June 3-5 to showcase your Expertise, find new Partners, and have the Chance to win Prizes and Opportunities that can help accelerate your Solutions and Business.

A Quick Process

  1. Apply by completing the form before April 26th (2 minutes).
  2. Check your Emails and Spams for Notification of your selection to take part in the finals.
  3. Access the Online Platform to complete your Profile and connect with other Participants sharing your interest in addressing the same Challenge Topic(s) in order to start brainstorming a common or distinctive Solution.
  4. Join the Coalition at the Forum in Biarritz (free admission for Startups) on the 3rd and 4th of June 2024 to refine your Proposal for a Pilot Project together with your Jury and fellow Participants.
  5. Winning or not in the end, take advantage of the multiple positive Externalities of your Participation: Partnerships, Funding, Commercial Opportunities and more. Everyone wins in the end!


To participate you will need to propose Solutions to Coastal City and Ports Challenges related to one or more of the following Topics:

  • Coastal Adaptation
  • Energy Transition
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management & Circularity
  • Tourism & Local Communities
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Biodiversity & Public Health

At least one Representative from your Startup must be physically present at the Waves of Change Forum in Biarritz in June 2024 (free admission for Startups) to participate in the Finals and pitch your Solution to the Jury and Coastal Cities.


We are actively working with Bpifrance and our other partners to provide distinctive prizes in addition to these opportunities:

  • Tideline Label Award by Waves of Change & Bpifrance EuroQuity.
  • 2024-25 Complimentary Waves of Change Coalition Annual Membership.
  • Tailored introductions to the #Tideline EuroQuity /Waves of Change Impact Investment Community.
  • Tailored introductions to partnering Coastal Cities and Ports.
  • PR opportunities with Bpifrance and Waves of Change partners.
  • And more bonuses year round!

The Jury, your Allies

At Waves of Change in Biarritz, you will have the opportunity to spend two days alongside the Jury and other Key Stakeholders.

During your 55 minutes Tideline Challenge Session you will interact with other participating Startups to form partnerships and collaborate also with Jury Members, who will act as your main Advisors and Sparring Partners to develop a compelling Pilot Idea or Solution to address a Coastal Cities and Ports' pressing Issue.

The Jury Members will include Impact Investors, Coastal Cities and Ports Representatives, Corporate Executives, Impact Startup Accelerators, NGOs Leaders, Challenge Alumni and Research Institutes. Among them:

Shaila Sahai, Founder @We Take Part.
Thomas Cottinet, Head of Ecolab @Ministère de la Transition Ecologique et de la Cohésion des Territoires.- Lisa DevignolSea'ties Project Coordinator @The Ocean & Climate Platform.
- Tom Dorwart, Legal Expert and Founding Partner @Omaha Phoenix Capital.
Laetitia Gombaud-Saintonge, Ocean Conservation Impact Investor @SWEN Capital Partners.
Alexandre Barbe, FEAMPA Manager & Sea Policy @Saint-Brieuc Armor Agglomération.
Mathieu Kayser, Deputy Mayor in charge of the  Environment @Ville de Biarritz.
- Oliver Dauert, Founder @Wildya.
Juan-Manuel Suarez, CEO @Paris Terminal.
Fabrice Klein, Innovation Manager @Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux.
Nicolas Le Roy, Deputy General Manager @Bordeaux Technowest.
David Portugais, Head of Marketing @Technopole Domolandes.

This list is currently being finalized.

The jury's 7 simple criteria

  1. Is there one or more Cities/Ports interested in your Solution ? (how many?).
  2. How likely is the Implementation of a Pilot or more in the next 12 months ? (0=unlikely ; 5=sure).
  3. What is the expected Impact / Outcome of your Solution ? (2 lines).
  4. How Collaborative is your Project / Solution and how/how much have you involved Jury Members in the Solution? (0=siloed without any Partners; 5=with complemental Partners).
  5. How are Externalities taken into Account ? (0=few to none; 5= majority of Externalities factored).
  6. How much have you addressed the Jury’s Questions and Remarks ? (0=not at all; 5=included all Remarks).
  7. Overall, how convinced are the Jury Members and other Forum Participants ? (0=not convinced; 5=fully convinced).

In order to highlight the Collaborative Aspect of your Solution, we encourage you to connect with other applying Startups before the Forum (more info to come at a later stage).

About our Partners

logo of bpi france

EuroQuity is a service offered by Bpifrance. Its objective is to support the growth of SMEs by connecting them to their future Partners for their Investment Needs. EuroQuity has over 14,000 Members in France, including 5,500 Companies, 6,600 Investors and 2,600 supporting Structures.

The CGDD's Ecolab, an innovation laboratory serving the ecological transition, is an entity of the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion.
Greentech Innovation coordinates the ecosystem of small and medium-sized businesses innovating in a sustainable way for the ecological transition.

logo of bpi france

Übermorgen Ventures is an early stage venture capital investment company backing entrepreneurs, who understand that climate change mitigation is not only the responsibility of our generation but also the potentially biggest business opportunity of our time.

logo of bpi france

Basque Invest forms the "Locations"​ Pole funded by the Chamber of Commerce of Bayonne. We support investors and entrepreneurs in their relocation and implementation. Join us in the Center of the World!

logo of bpi france

Swen Capital Partners is a leading player in responsible investment in unlisted assets in Europe. With €7 billion (calculated as the amount of accumulated liabilities) under management, the asset management firm offers a wide range of investment programmes for institutional and private clients. Additionally, it integrates ESG criteria in all its asset management activities and has been implementing a climate strategy since 2017.

logo of bpi france

Operating from Singapore and Europe, Narwhale Ventures provides Funding for Sustainability Driven Startups from the Blue Economy: Decarbonisation, Digitalisation, Healthy Consumption (Plastic, Water, Aquatic Food).

La French Tech Pays Basque regroups all the actors who work collectively for the innovation and economic development of startups in the Basque Country and the New Aquitaine Region.

France Digitale is an independent organization that gathers startups and investors to defend innovation in France and in Europe. Their mission is to bring out European digital champions.

The Solar Impulse Foundation promote efficient solutions for a clean economic growth. With Bertrand Piccard, they have identified 1000+ clean and profitable solutions to address sustainability challenges while enabling economic growth.

Bordeaux Technowest, the metropolitan area's technology park, supports start-ups and innovative projects at every stage of their development: incubator, accelerator and business centre. It currently has 80 start-ups and 40 companies under development at its 9 sites in the Bordeaux metropolitan area.

Tideline testimonials

June 3-4, 2024

Startups, join the Challenge!

Are you up for Collaboration and Shared Value Creation in addressing Coastal Cities and Ports Challenges?
If yes, simply apply by April 30th below in 2 minutes and see you in Biarritz!

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